What It Takes E-Mentoring Lesson Learned Guide Panel Discussion Moderated by Soledad O’Brien

Panel Discussion Moderated by Soledad O’Brien

Urban Youth derived the What IT Takes approach from lessons learned in the development, implementation and evaluation of its e-mentoring initiative, which began in 2010. The “What It Takes E-Mentoring Lesson Learned Guide” recommends e-mentoring as a way to positively ence youth in the digital age. E-mentoring uses e-mail, text messages, cell phones and social media to connect youth with mentors anywhere in the world. The model aims to revolutionize traditional mentoring and to enhance such programs, especially among African-American males.

E-Mentoring guide  launch event involved an e-mentoring panel discussion moderated by Soledad O’Brien. Panelist included Anthony Martin, founder of Urban Youth; Carvin G. Haggins, a Grammy Award-winning and multi-platinum songwriter who is also a minister at Southern Baptist Church in Philadelphia, where he is a mentor and heads the Youth Ministry; Dr. Ashaki Coleman, director of Urban Youth’s e-mentoring program; and Dr. Charles “Chuck” Williams III, associate teaching professor of psychology and education at Drexel University.

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