After the murder of Amber Long in front of the Urban Youth Racing School and the Murder of Melissa Thomas in West Philadelphia  our  COO Michelle Martin partnered with Tyema Sanchez of Pink Soldiers Foundation, Darisha Miller and Tya Moore to form HANDBAGS 4 PEACE. The grass roots effort was started to bring attention to the recent rash of deadly purse-snatchings in our city and to help to develop an action plan that would help keep women safe.

February 8th women from all over Philadelphia gathered to stand up against these types of deadly attacks on women. They were joined by elected officials along with Stephanie Long, the mother of murder victim Amber Long, to not only rally against the violence but to announce their plan of action. Through social media the women sparked a movement in the city of Philadelphia. Handbags 4 Peace has garnered alot of media attention including the Washington Post. Clear Channel Radio has become a media partner and will partner and promote upcoming events.

On the their website you find the surveillance video of Amber Long’s killers who have yet to be captured.

For more information about the movement and for some safety tips that will help you stay safe please visit the website www.handbags4peace.com