Urban Youth Kicks off the 15th Year of It’s Build A Dream Program.

20130601_093413With a track record of 15 years turning out graduates who go on to meaningful and important careers in a variety of technical and engineering fields, the URBAN YOUTH program has become a beacon in an educational landscape of ever-diminishing resources.

As URBAN YOUTH convenes its own 15th year of FREE, STEM programs which include Build A Dream – Naval Engines Design — Remote Piloted Vehicles.

Classes kicked off this past Saturday, June 1, for the 15th year of the Build A Dream program for urban students ages 8-18. The goal is to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics via the magic of motorsports and expose students to the fast-paced careers in the competitive world of professional racing and the automotive industry. The course then culminates with students learning how to race in a nearby go-kart track.