Recognizing that students possess different learning styles and learn best when they receive information through a variety of modalities, each of the programs that comprise UY utilize multiple instructional strategies.
The foundation of UY’s instructional strategy is based on the following educational model to achieve the desired academic outcomes.

  • College Readiness – To ensure student participants’ educational quality and level of coursework and instruction are aligned with their STEM degree interest for postsecondary educational success and to support the gaps that may exist when current school lacks the resources to support this educational goal and interest.
  • Educational Enrichment – To scaffold student participants’ existing educational foundation through a stimulating and enriching academic environment that supports their academic success through positive reinforcement and the strengthening of their core academic skills.
  • STEM Career Exploration – To expose student participants to the multitude of career opportunities available in STEM related fields, educate them to the academic requirements for employment in these sectors and the professional qualities necessary for career success.
  • Social Emotional Learning – To support student participants’ with their soft skills development that will that enhance their individual interaction, social graces, communication, personal habits and friendliness with others to enhance their academic and career prospects.