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Urban Youth in Partnership with Knight Foundation and United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey Launches the Urban Youth Lessons Learned E-Mentoring Guide For African American Men and Boys 

This guide affords program developers and implementation-level staff an opportunity to be mindful of key considerations in integrating technology-influenced mentoring initiatives into an existing mentoring program or other program serving at-risk youth, particularly for African American males.  What It Takes (WIT) founders and e-mentoring program staff engaged in a number of processes to develop, operate, and improve the WIT e-mentoring initiative as a complimentary effort to the stand-alone WIT symposiums, thereby more effectively serving its target audience. These processes in the following discussions frame the key lessons learned about e-mentoring implementation with African-American men and boys:


  •       The Power of Partnerships
  •       Program Rationale:  Innovations for Serving African American Boys Well
  •       Program Planning
  •       Selecting and Operating an E-Mentoring Platform
  •       Recruiting, Training, and Engaging Youth
  •       Recruiting, Training, and Engaging Mentors
  •       Implementing  E-mentoring
  •       Measuring Progress and Sharing Results

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