Girls in STEM: A New Generation of Women in Science

Via The White House Girls in STEM, featuring young women scientists and engineers who wowed the President and the nation at the White House Science Fair in February, shines a spotlight on these extraordinary young role models and their exciting projects -- ranging from a machine that detects buried landmines, to a prosthetic hand device, to a lunchbox that uses UV light to kill bacteria on food.

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A STEM Education, Tools to Change the World

Via The White House Energy Secretary Steven Chu and business leaders discuss how, with an understanding of Science and Math, individuals are shaping the world we live in.    

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UY Naval Engine Students Complete NAVSEA Part Program At NSWCCD-SSES

Students complete Naval Engines Design Program at NSWCCD-SSES   By Joseph Battista, NSWCCD-SSES Public Affairs, NAVSEA Thirty middle and high school students received certificates of completion at the final class of the six-week Naval Engines Design Program at Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division – Ship Systems Engineering Station (NSWCCD-SSES) Dec. 14. The unique course provided students from underrepresented segments of the population hands-on training, combined with classroom instruction, on various types of naval engines. Mike Zekas, Propulsion and Power Systems Division head, organized the program in partnership with the Urban Youth Racing School, and funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), to provide an organized approach to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. “I’m always impressed by the enthusiasm of these students,” said Zekas. “Their eyes widen when they first see the size of the engines the Navy uses. It’s a great thing to experience each year.” This is the third year of the program where engineers volunteer their time to teach students about diesel, gas turbine and steam engines, as well as fuel injection, combustion analysis, maintenance, shock testing, borescope inspections, alternate fuels, lubricating oils, and 3-D modeling. Students received classroom instruction from professional engineers, did oral presentations, and were assigned homework each week. The final class included turning in a group paper of 10-15 pages and a 10-15 minute presentation where they determined which type of Navy ship to use based on a real-world situation. Some students even designed their own vessel, which utilized one of the three propulsion systems found on Navy ships. The highlight of the program was week three when students received hands-on instruction with gas turbines. They used a flexible borescope (a small camera [...]

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UYRS Helps To Create Women’s Safety Movement

After the murder of Amber Long in front of the Urban Youth Racing School and the Murder of Melissa Thomas in West Philadelphia  our  COO Michelle Martin partnered with Tyema Sanchez of Pink Soldiers Foundation, Darisha Miller and Tya Moore to form HANDBAGS 4 PEACE. The grass roots effort was started to bring attention to the recent rash of deadly purse-snatchings in our city and to help to develop an action plan that would help keep women safe. February 8th women from all over Philadelphia gathered to stand up against these types of deadly attacks on women. They were joined by elected officials along with Stephanie Long, the mother of murder victim Amber Long, to not only rally against the violence but to announce their plan of action. Through social media the women sparked a movement in the city of Philadelphia. Handbags 4 Peace has garnered alot of media attention including the Washington Post. Clear Channel Radio has become a media partner and will partner and promote upcoming events. On the their website you find the surveillance video of Amber Long's killers who have yet to be captured. For more information about the movement and for some safety tips that will help you stay safe please visit the website  

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Looking Back At 2013! Our Year In Review

What a TERRIFIC year it has been at Urban Youth!!! Looking back at 2013 we are thankful and feeling blessed at what we have been able to accomplish. We have added new programs, started new partnerships and relationships to help move this much needed program forward. This would not be possible without the help of so many people, organizations and corporations that have truly believed in our mission, we cannot thank you all enough .  To our parents thank you for being daring and bold enough to allow us expose and push your children to new heights, your support has been monumental. As we prepare for 2014 we thought we would put together a year in review of some of this years high lights! Some will link you back to the story. ENJOY! National Mentoring Conference, Washington DC 1-24-13 Workshop - What It Takes E-Mentoring Works: Discussing an innovative e-Mentoring Program. Our session addressed the mentoring professional nationwide on what it takes to operate a quality e-mentoring program around the specific needs for African American males. What It Takes E-Mentoring Program - Year 2 This ground breaking and Nationally Acclaimed program had over 200 boys ages 14-18 in Philadelphia schools enrolled in the  “what it takes e-mentroing’’ teaching them to be successful in work and life via relationships with caring, ethical, well-regarded men. Mentors with backgrounds in business, finance, technology, medicine, law, and athletics provide the boys with ongoing emotional and academic support (in person and online), with special attention paid to science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers. This program was made possible by a grant from the Knight Foundation and was done in partnership with United Way. Urban Youth Presents “WHAT IT TAKES 9 ”A [...]

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  Urban Youth, A Philadelphia Based Nonprofit Presents “WHAT IT TAKES 11”  A CONVERSATION WITH THE MEN OF THE JORDAN BRAND With Special Guests Larry Miller, President and Howard "H" White, Senior Vice President of The JORDAN BRAN Philadelphia – Hot off the release of their highly successful “What It Takes E-Mentoring Lessons Learned Guide” Urban Youth (UY), the Philadelphia-based non-profit dedicated to improving the futures for at-risk youth, brought together the top executives of the Jordan Brand to have a candid conversation with our youth about what it took for them to be successful. “Talking to young people about hard work and dedication being the path to career achievement and success is one thing.” Stated Anthony Martin, founder of Urban Youth “Showing them by having them meet and interact with strong, successful positive role models like Larry Miller and Howard White is a whole different ball game.” Martin continued. On Tuesday December 3rd the nationally acclaimed What It Takes (WIT) series convened at the African American Museum in Philadelphia for its 11th symposium moderated by Dr. Chuck Williams of Drexel University. This very special WIT 11 gave over one hundred local students an opportunity to meet and interact with special guests Larry Miller, President and Howard "H" White Senior Vice President of the JORDAN Brand. Together with superstar basketball legend Michael Jordan, this is the team that has built one of the most successful merchandise brands ever! Larry Miller was excited to be a part of the discussion in his hometown. “Anytime I get the opportunity to share some insight with young people to help them avoid pitfalls and improve their lives I certainly will.” He said. “ Thanks to Anthony Martin's What It Takes program I was able to let the students know that [...]

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Soledad O’Brien: ‘You have to reach students where they are’ – Knight Foundation Blog

Soledad O’Brien: ‘You have to reach students where they are’ Oct. 21, 2013, 12:09 p.m., Posted by Donna Frisby-Greenwood Photo credit: Bryant Sanders Photography Journalist Soledad O’Brien, CEO of Starfish Media Group and a correspondent for Al Jazeera America, last week moderated a discussion on mentoring here in Philadelphia as part of the launch of a new guide released by Urban Youth, a local nonprofit that works with kids. Urban Youth developed the “Lessons Learned E-Mentoring Guide for African-American Men and Boys” in partnership with Knight Foundation and United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. The guide, a project of Urban Youth’s What It Takes initiative, recommends “e-mentoring” to connect kids with positive role models anywhere in the world, using e-mail, text messages and social media. A reception and screening of an installment of O’Brien’s “Black in America” documentary series followed the discussion. As a follow-up to the events, I asked O’Brien to reflect on her decision to participate and the importance of mentoring African-American youth. You are a very busy person. Why did you decide to participate in the Urban Youth discussion? Soledad O’Brien: One of the things I think is really interesting in communities is the way that people connect to try to solve some of the most entrenched challenges in the United States. You look at a program that has some legs, not just in Philadelphia but could be a model around the country. As a journalist, anytime you see a thing that has repercussions and is not just working where it is but could be much larger [that] is always intriguing, and to sit down with the major player and people who have also assessed the program is very intriguing to me. What do you find most compelling about [...]

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View Video WIT E-Mentoring Lesson Learned Guide Discussion

What It Takes E-Mentoring Lesson Learned Guide Panel Discussion Moderated by Soledad O'Brien Panel Discussion Moderated by Soledad O'Brien Urban Youth derived the What IT Takes approach from lessons learned in the development, implementation and evaluation of its e-mentoring initiative, which began in 2010. The "What It Takes E-Mentoring Lesson Learned Guide" recommends e-mentoring as a way to positively ence youth in the digital age. E-mentoring uses e-mail, text messages, cell phones and social media to connect youth with mentors anywhere in the world. The model aims to revolutionize traditional mentoring and to enhance such programs, especially among African-American males. E-Mentoring guide  launch event involved an e-mentoring panel discussion moderated by Soledad O'Brien. Panelist included Anthony Martin, founder of Urban Youth; Carvin G. Haggins, a Grammy Award-winning and multi-platinum songwriter who is also a minister at Southern Baptist Church in Philadelphia, where he is a mentor and heads the Youth Ministry; Dr. Ashaki Coleman, director of Urban Youth’s e-mentoring program; and Dr. Charles “Chuck” Williams III, associate teaching professor of psychology and education at Drexel University. Please Share! DOWNLOAD E-MENTORING GUIDE HERE

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Download What It Takes Lessons Learned E-Mentoring Guide

Download E-Mentoring Guide Here Urban Youth in Partnership with Knight Foundation and United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey Launches the Urban Youth Lessons Learned E-Mentoring Guide For African American Men and Boys  This guide affords program developers and implementation-level staff an opportunity to be mindful of key considerations in integrating technology-influenced mentoring initiatives into an existing mentoring program or other program serving at-risk youth, particularly for African American males.  What It Takes (WIT) founders and e-mentoring program staff engaged in a number of processes to develop, operate, and improve the WIT e-mentoring initiative as a complimentary effort to the stand-alone WIT symposiums, thereby more effectively serving its target audience. These processes in the following discussions frame the key lessons learned about e-mentoring implementation with African-American men and boys:         The Power of Partnerships       Program Rationale:  Innovations for Serving African American Boys Well       Program Planning       Selecting and Operating an E-Mentoring Platform       Recruiting, Training, and Engaging Youth       Recruiting, Training, and Engaging Mentors       Implementing  E-mentoring       Measuring Progress and Sharing Results Download the brochure here

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Urban Youth in Partnership with Knight Foundation, Starfish Media and United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey will Launch the Urban Youth E-Mentoring Guide and Soledad O'Brien will Screen Black In America 6 Documentary and Moderate Discussion Join Journalist and Producer, Soledad O’Brien, to view her latest documentary from the front lines of the education achievement gap in "Great Expectations," the latest edition of the award-winning franchise, “Black in America.” The documentary explores why so many black children are failing in reading and math at dramatic levels, compared to their white counterparts. Thursday October 17, 2013, 6 PM at the School Of The Future, 4021 Parkside Ave. Philadelphia PA THE EVENT IS FREE BUT YOU MUST EMAIL RSVP TO "RSVP for Black in America 6 Film Screening" On subject Line! SEATING IS LIMITED After the screening Soledad O'Brien will hold a discussion with the following panelist Anthony Martin, Founder Urban Youth; Ron Walker, Executive Director, COSEBOC; Donyall Dickey, Asst Superintendent School District Philadelphia; Dr. Doreen Loury, Executive Director of the Black Male Development Symposium & Asst Professor of Sociology at Arcadia Univ. and Dr. Rueben Mills, CEO of New Media Charter School

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