Program Pairs Low Income Students With Elite Colleges

Nico SLate a former QuestBridge Scholar who went to Stanford, is now a professor at Carnegie Mellon. He talked about "the combination of seeing what can be done and having someone you respect telling you you can do it."Photo Credit: Jeff Swenson for the NY Times Published In The NY Times. Author David Leonhardt @Dleonhardt Arianna Trickey was opening a piece of mail in her bedroom during junior year of high school when a pamphlet fell out of the envelope. The pamphlet seemed to offer the impossible: the prospect of a full scholarship to several of her dream colleges. She went running out to her father, a house painter, who was sitting on the family’s porch in Grass Valley, a California city in the Sierra Nevada foothills. “You have to see this,” she told him. “This is the scholarship that will get me to the best schools in the country.” The pamphlet was from a nonprofit organization called QuestBridge, which has quietly become one of the biggest players in elite-college admissions. Almost 300 undergraduates at Stanford this year, or 4 percent of the student body, came through QuestBridge. The share at Amherst is 11 percent, and it’s 9 percent at Pomona. At Yale, the admissions office has changed its application to make it more like QuestBridge’s. Founded by a married couple in Northern California — she an entrepreneur, he a doctor-turned-medical-investor — QuestBridge has figured out how to convince thousands of high-achieving, low-income students that they really can attend a top college. “It’s like a national admissions office,” said Catharine Bond Hill, the president of Vassar. The growth of QuestBridge has broader lessons for higher education — and for closing the yawning achievement gap between [...]

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Urban Youth Chosen By Esquire Magazine As One Of The Top Mentoring Organizations In The Country

Urban Youth  has been voted as one of the best youth mentoring organizations in the country by Esquire Magazine in this months issue! Pick it up in stores now to find out more about their amazing mentoring initiative.     

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Register For Handbags 4 Peace 5K Run/Walk To Help Bring Awareness To Violence Against Women

Via There has been a recent spate of murders and attacks targeting women with in the city of Philadelphia. In response, a group of women have come together to promote a number of initiatives to make the city a safer and better place to live, particularly for women and children. The first stage of our awareness program was providing FREE self-defense classes to women/young girls in Philadelphia. In the last six months we have taught over 300 women/young girls life saving techniques. The second stage of our awareness program is creating the Handbags 4 Peace Reward Fund. A reward is one of the most powerful motivators for anyone with pertinent information to come forward and assist an investigation. A reward may help in recovering a criminal of a crime against a woman. Someone with knowledge about the situation may be reluctant to come forward. Reasons for this reluctance are varied, but a reward may provide the incentive they need to overcome their reluctance. REGISTER HERE --> The race will start in front of the Urban Youth Racing School at 907 N. Front Street. Handbags 4 Peace Reward Fund will be distributed to tips that lead to the arrest and prosecution of crime committed against a woman (murder, rape, serial robber). Handbags 4 Peace powered by Black Girls Run will host our 1st Annual Women’s Violence Awareness Run/Walk to help generate funds for the reward fund.

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Want To learn How To Code? Google may be able to help you!

Google is offering vouchers to any women and minorities interested in learning how to code, CNET's Seth Rosenblatt reports.   In a blog post from Gregg Pollack, CEO of the Code School, Google is paying for three free months for any women and minorities interested in tech to expand their skills. The offer is part of Google’s $50 million “Made With Code” initiative, which aims to help close the gender gap in tech. While Google is also offering the same vouchers to the women in attendance at its annual I/O developers conference this week, the search giant has released an online application that’s available to women everywhere. Google says its available vouchers for women number in the “thousands.” This new initiative comes just days after Google published a diversity report that revealed only 30% of its employees are women, while African-Americans and Hispanics only comprised 1 and 2% of Google’s tech employees, respectively. Google said the current state of its company diversity is “miles from where we want to be.” Google did say at its I/O keynote Wednesday, however, that there were twice as many women in attendance compared to last year. Beyond Google, the Labor Department says only 20% of software developers in the U.S. are women, while only 12% of computer science degrees today go to women. Megan Smith, vice president of Google’s X division, said the company’s initiative to encouraging women in tech is all about “debugging inclusion.” “We shouldn’t feel guilty about our biases,” Smith said. “We should wake up and do something about them.” Read more:

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Powerful Ad Shows What A Little Girl Hears When You Tell Her She’s Pretty

Via The Huffington Post  | By Caroline Bologna A new Verizon commercial cites a sad statistic by the National Science Foundation: 66 percent of 4th grade girls say they like science and math, but only 18 percent of all college engineering majors are female. People have offered many potential explanations for this discrepancy, but this ad highlights the importance of the social cues that push girls away from math and science in their earliest childhood years. The video depicts one girl's development from toddler to teenager. She wanders curiously through nature, examines the plants and animals around her, creates an astronomy project, and builds a rocket with her older brother. But all along the way, she hears many all-too-common refrains from her parents: "Who's my pretty girl?" "Don't get your dress dirty," "You don't want to mess with that," and "Be careful with that. Why don't you hand that to your brother?" These statements are subtle, but the ad suggests that they can ultimately discourage girls from pursuing traditionally male-dominated STEM subjects in school. According to AdWeek, the powerful commercial is the result of a partnership between Verizon and Makers and is narrated by Girls Who Code founder, Reshma Saujani. The video ends with a thought-provoking question: Isn't it time we told her she's pretty brilliant, too? It sure is.

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GOOGLE Builds New Self Driving Car

Via Google Official Blog Ever since we started the Google self-driving car project, we’ve been working toward the goal of vehicles that can shoulder the entire burden of driving. Just imagine: You can take a trip downtown at lunchtime without a 20-minute buffer to find parking. Seniors can keep their freedom even if they can’t keep their car keys. And drunk and distracted driving? History. We’re now exploring what fully self-driving vehicles would look like by building some prototypes; they’ll be designed to operate safely and autonomously without requiring human intervention. They won’t have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal… because they don’t need them. Our software and sensors do all the work. The vehicles will be very basic—we want to learn from them and adapt them as quickly as possible—but they will take you where you want to go at the push of a button. And that's an important step toward improving road safety and transforming mobility for millions of people. Read More

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General Motors & Chevrolet Racing Join Urban Youth To Celebrate 16 Years Of Success

General Motors & Chevrolet Racing Join Urban Youth To Celebrate 16 Years Of Success Philadelphia’s Own Larry Miller, President of Brand Jordan will receive Trailblazer Award and NAVSEA CommanderVice Admiral William H. Hilarides will receive Partner Of The Year along with NASCAR Driver Jamie McMurray was on Hand To Present Awards PHILADELPHIA, PA – The acclaimed Philadelphia-Based URBAN YOUTH non-profit experiential learning program is hosted its 16TH Annual URBAN YOUTH “Build A Dream” Awards Banquet at the National Constitution Center. For 16 years the URBAN YOUTH experiential learning and career development programs have focused on providing FREE technical skills development and Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) training for urban youth ages 8 to 18. The success of URBAN YOUTH is legendary, helping to motivate and propel thousands of students through high school and college graduation and on to meaningful careers. As the pioneering diversity program in the high stakes professional motor sports industry, the URBAN YOUTH Racing School (UYRS) is internationally acclaimed and supported by major corporations and private donors and foundations.  In the last several years, URBAN YOUTH has broadened the scope of the organization, responding to dual White House mandates of developing meaningful mentoring programs in the urban Black and Hispanic communities and promoting STEM education programs to pipeline students into the emerging career opportunities. The organization continues to pursue initiatives like the model URBAN YOUTH WHAT IT TAKES (WIT) mentoring program and the Urban STEM Academy (USA) joint-venture CENTER of EXCELLENCE with the US Navy NAVSEA Systems Command, are being cited as 501(c)(3) models ideal for national expansion. Awards Program, Honorees & Featured Speakers  Keynote Speaker was Alba Colon,  NASCAR Manager, General Motors Partner of the Year: NAVSEA, Vice Admiral William H. Hilarides Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command Trail Blazer Award: Larry Miller, President, Nike’s [...]

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BY BROOKLYN READER IN BROOK-LENS APR 16TH On Wednesday April 16, at City Polytechnic High School in downtown Brooklyn, Urban Youth (UY), a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the futures for at-risk youth, brought their nationally acclaimed What It Takes (WIT) series to downtown Brooklyn’s City Polytechnic High School. Filmmaker and director Spike Lee served as moderator for this, the 12th installment of WIT, which gave  local students an opportunity to meet and interact with special guests Larry Miller, president of Howard “H” White SVP and Dale Allen, sports marketing director of NIKE JORDAN Brand– the team that has built the Jordan brand, the most successful merchandise brand in the history of sports. “Whatever job you’re doing, knock that out of the ballpark. Because if you’re focused on what you’re going to do next, you’re not going to give 100 percent to what you’re doing right now,” said Miller, in response to one student’s question about they “key to success.” “But if you give 100 percent to what you’re doing right now, what’s next will be there for you. Someone will come looking for you; you won’t have to go looking for them, Miller “Technology is great, but people still make the world go around,” said Allen, addressing the new generation of technology users. “Now when you apply for jobs, you can do it online. But that doesn’t really show who you are. So don’t every forget the people. Find a way to reach out to the people. Because they’re the ones that can really make things happen.”

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“WIT 12 – Conversation With The Men Of Brand Jordan” Moderated by Spike Lee

Urban Youth In Partnership With Brand Jordan Presents ‘WHAT IT TAKES 12 - A CONVERSATION WITH THE MEN OF BRAND JORDAN” At Brooklyn NY, City Polytechnic High School Moderated by Spike Lee Special Guests Larry Miller, Howard "H" White    The President and Senior Vice President of The Jordan Brand Philadelphia (April 16, 2014) – Urban Youth (UY), a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the futures for at-risk youth, has once again brought together the top executives of Brand Jordan to have a candid conversation with our youth about what it took for them to be successful. Talking to young people about hard work and dedication being the path to career achievement and success is one thing. Showing them by having them meet and interact with strong, successful positive role models like Larry Miller and Howard "H" White is a whole different ball game. On Wednesday April 16, 2014 the nationally acclaimed What It Takes (WIT) series convenes at City Polytechnic High School in Brooklyn, NY. This very special WIT 12 will give local students an opportunity to meet and interact with special guests Larry Miller, President, Howard "H" White SVP and Dale Allen Sports Marketing Director of Nike's Jordan Brand. Together with superstar basketball legend Michael Jordan, this team built one of the  world's most successful footwear and apparel brands. The panel will be moderated by actor, activist, and friend of the Jordan Brand family, Spike Lee. The “WHAT IT TAKES” SYMPOSIUMS and the E-MENTORING PROGRAM are designed to teach boys ages 14-18 in urban areas “what it takes’’ to be successful in work and life via relationships with caring, ethical, well-regarded men. Mentors with backgrounds in business, finance, technology, medicine, law, and athletics provide the boys with ongoing emotional and academic support (in person and online), [...]

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Pennsylvania Get’s D+ On StudentsFirst Report Card

  Studentsfirst released it's 2014 state policy report card and Pennsylvania did not do well. The states are graded on student academics, empowering parents, how the dollars are spent and how to elevate teachers among other things. We encourage you to view the PA or your states report card to become informed at what is going on in your state by clicking this link Below StudentsFirst and New America Foundation host a panel discussion to discuss the report cards. Via Students First At a panel discussion March 5th hosted by the New America Foundation, leading voices in education policy discussed the role state policy report cards play on education reform and whether they translate into concrete change in our schools. Here are some highlights from the event: Eric Lerum, Vice President of National Policy, StudentsFirst: “This is nothing new, this engagement of changing state policy to look a certain way. It’s nothing we’re inventing. I think what we’re trying to do is change the conversation a little bit and say, if we’re going to change education policy, who should it focus on and what should it be centered around.” “We have always viewed the policy report card as the first step. The second phase of this…is to go back and start to grade states on the implementation of this policy.” “Implementation at the end of the day, as much as policy matters, implementation probably matters a little more. But I still think we are not even asking the implementation question until you pass the policy and we see a lot of states that sit in stagnation because they are stuck on  questions around ‘how do we implement’ or ‘we can’t get it perfect so therefore let’s not quite [...]

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